Alex Washburn

The Running of The Bulls

People are screaming. My mother is running as fast as she can while dragging me up the sidewalk and I can hear it coming up behind us — 600 lbs. of snorting, pissed-off thunder. My mom stops short and lifts me on the front of a semi-truck parked on the street, then climbs up behind me. The storm rolls past us and we are safe.

Whenever I recount my childhood brush with death, no one remarks on how scary it must have been — they only want to know why they’ve never heard about the running of the bulls in Mexico. You see, Pamplona may steal the world’s attention every July, but just a month later the relatively unknown city of Huamantla throws one of the wildest parties south of the border. The festival is two weeks long, and the finale? A stampede of toros… Mexico style.

Story and Photos By Alex Washburn for OZY. 

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