Alex Washburn

My name is Alex Washburn and I am a travel obsessed photo editor always planning the next adventure

Photography, travel and storytelling have guided my personal and professional trajectories for most of my life. I would categorize myself as a lifelong creative with an interest in business strategy and a gift for unique problem solving.

After nearly a decade in journalism I transitioned to the corporate world and helped coordinate photographic efforts at Viator (TripAdvisor) for two years while helping drive digital asset management initiatives. My time at Viator was fantastic and I enjoyed working with some of the most talented travel photographers and photojournalists on the planet but our team was dissolved in May of 2020 as part of the company's overall pandemic response.

After parting ways from Viator in 2020 I was inspired by my personal experiences to launch Travelite Photography .

In April of 2022 I joined the AT&T Brand Team as Manager of Asset Strategy and (photo) Production.

Work History

April 2022 - Present: AT&T Brand Team

March 2021 - 2022 : Travelite Photography / Freelance

2020-2021: Photo Editor @ The San Francisco Chronicle

2018-2020 : DAM / International Assignments Editor @ Trip Advisor

2016-2018: Photo Assignments Editor @ The San Francisco Chronicle

2015-2016: Senior Visuals Editor @ OZY Media

2013-2014: Autopista End Blog / Motorcycle Trip

2012-2013: Associate Photo Editor @ WIRED

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